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And If They Get Me...

"And now the nightclub
Set the stage for this
They come in pairs she said
We'll shoot back holy water
Like cheap whiskey
They're always there

Someone get me to the doctor
and someone call the nurse
And someone buy me roses
and someone burned the church
We're hanging out with corpses
And driving in this hearse
And someone save my soul tonight
Please save my soul."

Before the Sun Goes Down

They say once upon a few hundred years or so, the mortals and immortals lived side by side, once race helping the other. Only the Elders really know what happened, when the two races split. Vampires choose to claim the night as their own, to keep their secrets, and to walk among the living without drawing attention to themselves.

However, after centuries of remaining quiet, the Vampire community is splitting in two it seems. It seems some are growing unhappy with their station, with taking blood from blood banks, with submitting to humans.


1. This is a roleplay game running on Livejournal. Original characters only, please. The setting is current, New York City.
2. To apply, see 'Application' link below, and fill out the form in a comment. Please remember to friend theycomenpairs and comenpairsooc.
3. Experienced RPers only, please. Also, be aware mature subject matter may appear.
4. When creating a character, please make sure you have read the 'Vampire Guidelines' if you are making a Vampire character. When considering a picture base, you can check the 'Characters' list to see who has been taken.
5. When making a thread, please remember to tag it. If nothing else, at least with the names of the characters involved.

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