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March 2008

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xseekingsolace in comenpairsooc

*Pretend* Mod Post.

So even though I should be I'm not a mod, but I thought since so many of you are so new to LJ, it might be a good idea to specify a few points as to how RP through a LiveJournal Community should be run.

First off, please make sure you join both theycomenpairs and comenpairsooc to ensure you have posting and viewing power on both communities. You can do this by visiting either page and clicking 'Join this Community' on the LJ Navigation bar at the top of your screen. Your request to join still needs to be approved by the Lord & Master of course, but unless you're a total douchebag or just smell funny, he'll probably approve it.


Posting on LJ is easy, and you'll find it somewhat less confusing once you've done it a few times. Threads are started by posting a new entry, (as I'm doing now), and continued through players commenting on each thread with their post. Threads may be public or private, open or not, and you can specify the characters you expect to join your thread, or leave it blank. It's up to you.

When writing a post, please do so under an LJ Cut. Don't freak out, I'll explain. Depending on your journal, an LJ Cut can be done in two ways. For those of us still using html, simply type < lj-cut text="Name" > (minus the spaces, of course), and at the end of the cut, make sure to type < /lj-cut > as an end code. "Name" is where the link text to the cut will show, and everything you type between those two codes will not be viewable on the main page, but only when viewing the full entry. It keeps the community clean, and for those of us with finicky internet connections, the less content there is to load on the main page, the easier life is for everyone.

If you have a new-style journal and / or are not an HTML nerd, however, LJ has a lovely little tool called the Rich Text Editor, in which case there is a button on the top that does all the work for you. Hover your mouse over them and you'll find it. Merely hi-light what you want to be under the cut, and click. This will prompt you for a 'Cut Text,' which is the link text that will show on the main page.

Outside of the cut itself, please post your thread info. Include the date, time, location (as applicable; use your own discretion), characters involved, and if you think it necessary, a summary of any important plot points. Also include the thread's status (IE - In progress, Completed, Abandoned, etc.) In other words, mark all completed threads as such. Again, all of this information should be listed outside of the cut, which should only include the post. Also, if you wish people to ask before joining your thread, please specify, because unless otherwise stated, all threads are open. Countrymen, lend me your privacy. Everything you post will, at the very least, be visible to all community members, so remember this when revealing embarassing details about your Vampire's childhood trauma that caused him to wet the bed until he was twelve.

LASTLY. Tag, tag, and tag! Some communities like to go a little crazy here, and create superfluous tags like "Vampires are sexy" or "Death to all humans." I can assure you with absolute confidence that Brett will rip out your liver with a hot poker if you try this here. Tags are meant to easily access threads that only include a specific character, time period, etc; and creating tags that don't mean anything may be all in good fun but it's also essentially pointless and creates unnecessary hassle and clutter. So when tagging, include only what's important. Characters, if nothing else. (What is a tag, you ask? It's that little box just above your 'mood' at the bottom of the text box when posting. Whatever you type in that box will create a clickable link that will automatically bring the reader to any posts that are tagged with that same text, which is why it's important to ensure correct spelling as well as use the same wording each time. For example, if I had tagged this post as a 'pretend mod post,' it wouldn't show up with all the other entires tagged with 'mod post.' See what I'm saying? Hassle.)

All that said, rest assured that we WILL be starting a post in the near future so you can see how it's done.

I hope I haven't missed anything. I swear, I don't get paid enough for everything I do.